Mission, Vision, Values

Mission statement

Indiana University Fort Wayne prepares the next generation of healthcare professionals through exceptional and inclusive educational opportunities. Faculty, staff, students, and partners create a unique, innovative approach to classroom and real-world experiences, transformational research, and service to the State of Indiana and beyond (revised March 8, 2023).


Indiana University Fort Wayne leads in providing exemplary health professions education, research, and innovation to promote and improve health and well-being for diverse populations in the communities we serve (revised March 8, 2023).


Integrity and Respect:  We abide by strong moral principles and are committed toconducting ourselves with honor at all times.  We embrace open-mindedness and civil debate, recognizing that freedom of expression is the hallmark of a healthy academic environment.  

Compassion and  Service: We are genuinely concerned about the needs of others and contribute to the welfare of our communities. We intentionally take action to put others above ourselves and work charitably for the benefit of other people.  

Community and Belonging: We strive to foster a sense of belonging, and to encompass diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in all that we do. We work purposefully to ensure that each individual we encounter feels free to be their authentic self.  

Excellence and Accountability: We believe that collaboration, building on our individual and collective strengths, the desire and effort to achieve, and an eagerness to learn improves outcomes.  We consistently assess ourselves and our processes, exchange ideas and thoughts, and weigh in on options using our combined expertise as we endeavor to meet our commitment to excellence.  

Health and Well-being: We promote health and well-being in our communities and our university. We embrace our role as educators, researchers, and service providers focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors. 

Growth and Development: We perceive that we are all in a state of growth, working to persist, expand, and become the best version of ourselves that we can. We enthusiastically support the growth and development of students, staff, faculty and community members, meeting individuals where they are and helping them succeed in reaching their goals.