How to Apply

Apply for admission to IU Fort Wayne

You’ve decided that IU Fort Wayne is the right school for you, and you’re ready to apply. To get started, read the descriptions of the types of applicants on this page and determine which category you fit into. Then visit the page for your applicant type to learn about admission standards, the application process, deadlines, and other important information.

How to apply as an incoming freshman or transfer student

Freshmen applicants

Join the class of 2027

Learn how to apply for admission to IUPUI if you are currently a high school student, or have graduated from high school and have not enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a college or university.

Learn how to apply for freshman admission

Transfer and adult applicants

Make the move to IU Fort Wayne

Learn how to apply if you've previously enrolled in a college degree program (including programs at another IU campus), are an adult learner looking to start something new, or just want to take a class as a non-degree student.

Learn how to apply as a transfer or adult student

Are you currently enrolled at an Indiana University campus?

If you are currently enrolled at another IU campus and now wish to transfer to IU Fort Wayne, you will transfer as a permanent intercampus transfer process

If you are looking to take a class at IU Fort Wayne to transfer back to your home IU campus, you will apply as a temporary intercampus transfer.

Deadlines for admission

You must submit your application and supporting materials for admission by the deadline to be considered for the term in which you want to begin attending IU Fort Wayne.

  • For fall semester: August 1
  • For spring semester: December 15
  • For summer session I: April 16
  • For summer session II: June 16