Sexual Misconduct

Reporting sexual misconduct

You have several options for reporting incidents of sexual misconduct and you can find more information and submit a report to the university through our online reporting portal. You also have the option to contact the Purdue University Police Department at 260.481.6827 or Fort Wayne Police Department by calling 911 to make a report.

The role of responsible employees

Most IU Fort Wayne employees are considered “responsible employees” under the Indiana University Sexual Misconduct Policy and are required to report incidents of potential sexual misconduct to Title IX officials on campus. This may include sharing information with law enforcement in compliance with the Clery Act. Staff will also provide individuals with information on how they may seek additional assistance from police, but they retain the right to decline involvement with law enforcement.

Employee reporting requirements

Consent is an agreement expressed through affirmative, voluntary words or actions, and mutually understandable to all parties involved, to engage in a specific sexual act at a specific time. To understand consent and other key terms under Indiana University’s sexual misconduct policy, visit the Stop Sexual Violence website.