Student Conduct & Safety

Do your part to keep our Fort Wayne campus safe and respectful

As a student at IU Fort Wayne, you have the right to feel safe, supported, and respected. You also have the responsibility to do your part to ensure others have the same experience. IU students are always subject to Indiana University policies and may be subject to Purdue University policies when utilizing a Purdue service.

Your student rights and responsibilities are summed up by both the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and the Purdue Fort Wayne Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct

You need to know what these Code includes—and what to do when you feel someone has violated your protections.

After all, when we all respect each other, our community becomes stronger.

Navigating the student conduct process

When the Code is allegedly violated by a student on the IU Fort Wayne campus, allegations of personal or sexual misconduct will be referred to the IU Indianapolis Office of Student Conduct, who has jurisdiction over the disciplinary matters on the Fort Wayne campus. Academic misconduct allegations will be resolved in accordance with the established procedures associated with the faculty member’s home institution for the course. These procedures are educational in nature and are separate and distinct from the criminal justice system.

Sanctions can range from a formal reprimand to expulsion. If the result is anything less than permanent separation from the university, students are also assigned specific tasks or projects designed to promote their development. These can include a variety of outcomes, including written assignments and community service.

It’s on us to prevent sexual misconduct

We are determined to do all we can to prevent sexual violence on our campus.

But it takes all of us to sustain a caring campus culture that does its utmost to prevent sexual misconduct. Whether that’s by taking action when you see something suspicious or supporting those who have been affected by violence, we need your help.

Campus Police

Your safety is never left to chance at IU Fort Wayne. The Purdue Fort Wayne police department is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as a variety of resources, programs, and information sources to protect your personal well being and peace of mind.

Learn more about campus police