Faculty and staff

IU Fort Wayne employs 44 full-time undergraduate faculty and 25 staff members, in addition to 16 full-time graduate faculty and several staff employed by the schools of social work and medicine. The campus center also relies on hundreds of part-time and volunteer didactic and clinical faculty and specialists to deliver the best educational opportunities possible to its students.


Nursing, medical imaging and dentistry make up the bulk of the undergraduate majors at IU Fort Wayne. Dentistry has hygiene, technology and assistant clinician programs. "The dental laboratory technology program is the only one in the state and one of only 15 accredited programs in the country," said Ann Obergfell, a professor and associate vice chancellor of academic affairs and operations. "We have the only one that offers a bachelor's degree. Dental laboratory technicians are the professionals who design and build oral appliances such as dentures. "We're unique in the IU system because we are a health-science-focused-only campus," Obergfell said.

Graduate programs

The Master of Social Work program has about 50 students, while IU School of Medicine at IU Fort Wayne enrolls about 90 students.

IU Fort Wayne joined the IU system on July 1 as a campus center with a health sciences focus.

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[Wooley speaks: So, I'm gonna show you around some of our areas. So, we're currently in Student Central, which is our one-stop shop for all student services including admissions, financial aid, registrar, some other services such as military services for students, international study abroad.

All of those will be the face of IU Fort Wayne, where students can come and visit us in one location. And we should be able to help them with their needs or at least point them in the direction of someone who can.]

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A new Student Success Center and computer lab are being built in the basement of Neff Hall. At the beginning of June, IU Fort Wayne Student Central completed construction on the first floor of Neff Hall. The Student Central office is the "one-stop shop" for all student services, including admissions, advising, bursar, financial aid, registrar and scholarships.

New labs are being built for dentistry and medical imaging classes, while nursing's wing will be reconfigured with new equipment.

100 years of IU in Fort Wayne

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, or the former IPFW, was formed in 1964, and the trustees for IU and Purdue voted in June 2017 to realign and separate the two schools. However, IU's presence in the city was established in 1917-18. Purdue came in 1941, according to Obergfell. The programs were housed in downtown Fort Wayne before farmland was purchased to build the current campus.

Neff Hall namesake

IU Fort Wayne's headquarters is housed in the building named after Floyd R. Neff, director of the IU Extension Center from 1918 to 1951. Neff was a founding father for IU's presence in Fort Wayne. The building -- formerly known simply as "Building A" -- was dedicated to Neff in 1973.


Future expansion for graduate and undergraduate education would include additional health science degrees and certification programs.

"IU Fort Wayne is focused on health science programs,” said Dr. Fen-Lei Chang, chair of IU Fort Wayne Executive Committee and associate dean and director of the IU School of Medicine-Fort Wayne. “Some of our emphases include interprofessional education, simulation exercises, competency-based curriculum, advanced technology, including telemedicine, and extensive clinical learning opportunities at our regional health care facilities. Our smaller class sizes also facilitate close learning relationships between students and faculty members.”

Upcoming events

  • July 20: Orientation for returning sophomores. This event will involve the 150 students accepted in the IU professional programs for the 2018-19 academic year. These students will be among the first to graduate as IU Fort Wayne students.
  • August 14: IU Fort Wayne and Purdue Fort Wayne partnership picnic.
  • August 17: First-year student orientation.
  • Augsut 20: First day of classes.

Social media

IU Fort Wayne is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the @IUFortWayne handle.

The IU School of Medicine building will remain on the north end of campus as part of IU Fort Wayne. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University

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