IU Fort Wayne Increases Enrollment in Second Year

Indiana University Fort Wayne incoming first-year students boast an impressive class of 246, with the total Indiana University campus enrollment reaching 747 students. Students of color represent nearly 25 percent of the overall student body.

The campus surpassed overall enrollment records, with a 21.1 percent increase in numbers of students. The IU Fort Wayne student body hails from 39 Indiana counties, three states (including Indiana) and six countries.

“Already, the 2019-20 school year has reached new milestones,” said Ann Obergfell, associate vice chancellor of academic affairs and operations. “Not only have we introduced two new degrees to our bachelor programs, social work and health sciences, but we have surpassed our enrollment goal for the fall semester by a significant amount. We anticipate more milestones to be reached and a great amount of successes for this upcoming academic year.”

IU Fort Wayne has an impressive first-year class, with 61.5 percent of new students from Indiana having obtained an honors diploma. The average SAT score of the new freshman class is 1,047. IU Fort Wayne offers bachelor's, master's, and professional degrees and certificates in a variety of health sciences disciplines. These disciplines include nursing, medical imaging, dental, social work, medicine and health sciences.

These figures were as of September 1, 2019, the official IU census day for the fall semester.

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