Required Documents

Learn about the documents you’ll need to submit

If you’re a freshman applicant, you must submit full and complete academic records from every secondary school and postsecondary institution you have attended.

If you’re a transfer applicant, you must submit full and complete academic records from every postsecondary institution you have attended.

Your records should include any coursework currently in progress. Failure to submit all academic documents will result in the automatic withdrawal of your application.

Academic records in English and other languages

If your school routinely issues official educational records in English and your school issued your official transcript in English, then submit the English copies.

If your school issued your academic records in a language other than English, submit both the copies of your original records in the native language and copies that have been translated into English by an official translation agency. The accuracy of the translation must be certified by one of the following:

  • An appropriate officer at the issuing school
  • An appropriate government officer at the ministry of education
  • A U.S. educational advising center

If you need assistance, the EducationUSA Advising Center in your country can advise you on preparing your academic records for submission.

English translations by themselves are not sufficient for an admission decision. You must submit the corresponding official academic records in the original language for comparison.

How to submit your academic records

In order to complete this step, you may email electronic copies or scanned documents to or mail us your original documents.

While we can accept an electronic copy of your records to make an admission decision, once you are admitted you will be required to submit the official, original records in order to verify their authenticity. All documents submitted become the property of IU Fort Wayne.

A document is considered official if it is verified by the issuing institution and is received in an envelope signed, sealed, and stamped by the institution.

The Office of International Admissions performs all credential evaluations internally. Transcript evaluations by credential evaluation agencies are not necessary.

Explaining time since you last attended school

If you plan to enroll at IU Fort Wayne more than three months after you graduate from or leave your current program, you will need to give us a short explanation of what you have done with your time since graduation. Please be sure to complete this section when filling out your application.

Contact us

Do you have questions about the international application or credit transfer process? Contact IU Fort Wayne’s International Admissions Processing Center in Indianapolis.

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