Health Sciences

One major, many possible paths

Our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences allows you to explore a number of health-related disciplines and prepares you for a wide variety of career options.

You will learn how the aging process affects people physically and psychologically - and how society can better serve them - from expert practitioners and nationally renowned scholars.

You will explore the ins and outs of health care systems - both in the United States and across the globe.

You will also discover how disabilities impact society. How rehabilitation organizations are run and how they deliver care. And how proper nutrition and healthcare promotion initiatives can improve overall wellness. And that is just for starters.

As your studies progress, you can choose to keep your focus broad or hone in on a specific area to better prepare for a specific career or graduate school program. It is all up to you!

Experience deep and broad learning on and off campus

A student helps a patient who is laying on his side.

Learn in the community

When you participate in one of our community engagement programs, you'll not only hone your classroom skills, but you'll help our citizens get more out of life. You can work with kids, adults, people with disabilities, and more.

A student holding a clipboard looks at something off screen.

Jump start your career

You will complete a minimum of one internship before you graduate. Your internship coordinator will walk you through the process of connecting with organizations in the community who are eager to work with you.

Participate in research

You don't have to be a graduate student - or even an upperclassman - to take part in a research project. Check with your faculty advisor or Health Sciences professors to explore opportunities and get involved.