IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant

Our pledge to your success

When you succeed at IU Fort Wayne, we succeed. When you file the FAFSA by a April 15 priority date you will be considered for the need-based IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant. This grant represents IU Fort Wayne's commitment to your success—when you pledge to meet or exceed expectations, we pledge to support your education financially.

The IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant is available for up to four years and ranges from $500 to $2,000 annually, based on financial need.

Expectations for IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant recipients

If you are selected to receive the IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant, here's what will be expected of you:

Renewing your IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant

Your eligibility to renew your IU Fort Wayne Pledge Grant will be determined each June based on your completion of minimal renewal standards. Award amounts may be reduced or eliminated if your financial need changes or if you receive significant IU Fort Wayne scholarship opportunities.