Healthcare Administration Track in Dental Hygiene

Why students choose the track

Haley Motsinger“I chose to complete the healthcare administration track in the dental hygiene program because I feel that it presents us with so much opportunity within our field after we begin our career.”
--Haley Motsinger



Yelena Fox“I chose to complete the healthcare administration track because I wanted to have a deeper understanding of what goes into the health care system beyond my role as a dental hygienist. I think it's important to understand the broader system so we can provide better care for our patients.”
--Yelena Fox


Mackenzie Shorey“I have always been interested in the management or administrative side of healthcare and dental care. I may go back to school someday to become a dentist and it would be important for me to have a background in administration.”
--Mackenzie Shorey

Track requirements

Students completing the healthcare administration track complete four courses.

Required courses:

  • PBHL H120* Health Care Delivery in the U.S.
  • PBHL H375* Management of Health Services Organizations
  • PBHL H346* Organizational Behavior and HR Management in Healthcare

Choose one track elective course:

  • PBHL H345* Operations Management and Quality Improvement in Health Organizations
  • PBHL H305* Medical Group Management
  • PBHL H432* Healthcare Marketing
  • PBHL H330 Global Public Health
  • PBHL H420 Health Policy
  • PBHL H441 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration

* These courses are offered online at least once per year.

Turn your healthcare administration track into a minor

By adding just one more concentration elective course in place of an open elective, dental hygiene students have the opportunity to turn their track into a Minor in Health Administration. Contact your academic advisor to declare the Minor in Health Administration.