Your Rights & Privacy

Your records are YOUR records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of your education records. With the exception of directory information, these records are considered confidential and cannot be released to third parties (including your parents, spouse, or sponsor) without your written consent.

Share your information with a third party


FERPA regulations allow for access to your records without your consent in certain cases, including:

  • By a third party designated by a federal or state authority to evaluate an education program
  • By researchers performing certain types of studies, even when IU Fort Wayne objects to or does not request such research
  • By state authorities who may use your information to track your participation in education and other programs

Explore other FERPA exceptions

You, online

IU maintains an online address book that allows users to find limited information for a student by searching on name or university network ID. The address book will display your name, campus, and (if available) email address.

In Canvas, IU’s course management system, only the instructor and the students enrolled in your course section will see your name in the roster—and nothing else, unless you release additional information through your Canvas profile.