Your University ID

How to find (and use) your university ID number

Your university ID is not your Social Security number (SSN)—it’s a random 10-digit number that we use to connect you to your records, such as your transcript, registration, and grade reports.

Your university ID was assigned to you when you were admitted to IU Fort Wayne. Whenever you use it, be sure to include all 10 digits (including zeroes).

If you need to know your university ID number, you’ll find it in One.IU. Or you can bring your photo ID to Student Central in Neff Hall.

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Find your Purdue ID

As a student at IU Fort Wayne, you receive the same access to activities, facilities, student organizations and services are your classmates at Purdue Fort Wayne. To take advantage of these opportunities, you are provided with a Purdue ID number. You'll find the Purdue ID number in One.IU. It will be listed as your external ID On the demographic data tab.

Your Purdue ID can also be used to take advantage of services provided through Purdue West Lafayette.

Find your Purdue ID

Who can see your ID?

We won’t share your university ID number with anyone outside of the university, except as allowed by IU policy.

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