Other things to keep in mind about residency

  • Your circumstances on the first day of classes of each term determine your eligibility for in-state student status for that term.
  • Once you’re classified as an in-state student, you’ll remain an in-state student as long as you are enrolled in each fall and spring semester until you earn your degree—even if your parents move out of state.
  • If you were an Indiana resident who moved away, you’ll still be considered an in-state student if you move back within a year after leaving.
  • If you are an Indiana resident who went to school out of state, we’ll still consider you an in-state student as long as you return to Indiana within one year of your last enrollment or graduation.

Special rules for military families

IU Fort Wayne recognizes the unique circumstances that often surround our military families. Your enlistment status could qualify you for a remission of out-of-state tuition fees. We encourage you to reach out to the Office for Veterans and Military Personnel at IUPUI to see how they can help.

Learn more about residency for military members