Alternate Funding

Other funding options

The financial aid awards on your FAN aren’t the only resources available to help you cover your expenses at IU Fort Wayne. Scholarships, employment, and other opportunities can help you maximize your financial aid package and reduce your overall costs. This page explains, in brief, what these have to offer.


Scholarships is gift aid that doesn’t have to be paid back. Scholarships can come from your school or external sources, like businesses or community organizations. Explore the options below or visit our scholarships page for more information.

Student employment

Not only can working during college help you earn money to cover your costs, it can also help you develop your career skills. Contact to learn more about employment opportunities available to you on- and off-campus. 

Parent loans

The federal government offers loans to parents of dependent college students. The parent is the borrower, and these loans can pay the remainder of the student’s costs not covered by other financial aid. Visit our page on Parent PLUS Loans to learn more.

Private loans

Many private banks, credit agencies, and other lenders offer loans to help you pursue your education. Your loan terms and interest rate will usually be based on your creditworthiness (or the creditworthiness of your cosigner). Learn more about private loans