Payments from Sponsors, Donors, & Scholarships

How to sponsor a student

A sponsored student is one whose student fees are paid for by an agency outside of Indiana University. Sponsors may include:

  • Employers
  • Government agencies
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Military branches
  • Foreign governments
  • Trusts
  • 529 plans

Are you a sponsored student?

Keep in mind that when we receive a voucher from your sponsor, you’re authorizing the release of any student records that are required for us to invoice your sponsor.

Learn more about your rights and privacy

Sponsored student vouchers, invoices, and due dates

To avoid late fees, be sure to submit vouchers to the Office of the Bursar at IUPUI by the due date listed on the student’s bill. Vouchers submitted after the fourth full week of a term may be declined. As a sponsor, you cannot make your payment of fees conditional upon final grades, course completion, or employment status.

We’ll credit the student’s account within 48 hours after we receive a voucher, and we’ll send you an invoice after the term’s refund periods end. The invoice will be due in full within 30 days.

If you don’t pay in full by the due date, we’ll contact you to determine why payment has been delayed. If you neither pay nor respond, we’ll contact the student at their university email address to request that they follow up with you. In most cases, a delay in payment is due to a sponsor needing additional information from the student.

We reserve the right to decline further vouchers from you if you do not pay.

Students: Stay informed

Be sure to monitor your university email. A credit on your bursar account does not mean your sponsor has paid. If your sponsor fails to pay by the due date on a bill, you may face a past due balance on your account. It’s your responsibility to prevent late fees from accruing on your account. Contact the Office of the Bursar to discuss payment options if your sponsor hasn’t paid by the due date.

Send a check

Scholarship checks should be made payable to Indiana University and mailed to:

IU Fort Wayne Payment Center
P.O. Box 6020 
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6020

Include the student’s name and university ID on the memo line. Please do not include the student as a co-payee as this will delay processing. Scholarships submitted before or during the fall semester for an amount more than $1,000 will designated as two term award (split fall/spring) unless otherwise noted.

Your canceled scholarship check serves as your receipt. We strongly recommend that you do not send checks by certified mail.

Transfer funds electronically

Indiana University accepts electronic fund transfers for student scholarship payments. Requests should be made by the donor and not the student. Contact the Office of the Treasurer at for information on how to submit scholarship payments by ACH or EFT.