Request a change of grade

Petition to have a course grade changed

If you believe there was an error in the calculation or assigning of a course grade, it is your responsibility as an IU Fort Wayne student to contact the course instructor to discuss the grade, making the\ case to have the grade changed.

If the course instructor declines to support your grade change request, or in situations where the instructor cannot be contacted, you may appeal the course grade to the chair or director of the academic program offering the course.

To facilitate this process, submit the Change of Grade Petition form below. Once received, the IU Fort Wayne Office of the Registrar will distribute the request to the academic units. Decisions on grade changes are made within the schools. If the request is supported, the school will notify the Office of the Registrar of the new grade. If the request is denied, you will be so notified directly by the school.

Important things to know before you submit your petition

Withdrawal requests for completed courses

Schools will not consider requests for withdrawal when the student has completed the course.

Courses older than 5 years

Petitions for changes of grades from concluded courses older than 5 years will not be considered.

Additional potential impacts

Students who received financial aid or scholarships should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to determine the impact of withdrawal requests on aid eligibility. International students should first contact the Office of International Affairs to determine the potential impact on your visa status prior to submitting any withdrawal requests.