Enrollment Verification

How to get verification of your IU Fort Wayne enrollment

At some point, you may need to prove your current or past enrollment status as an IU Fort Wayne student. You may need this verification for several reasons, including:

  • Getting or keeping insurance (for example, to get a good student discount on car insurance or to stay on your parents’ health insurance)
  • Deferring your loans until after you graduate
  • Informing employers or screening firms of your education
  • Responding to calls for jury duty

You can use the Enrollment Verification Certificate in One.IU to print your own enrollment certificate and check loan deferment information that has been sent automatically to your lenders. IU Fort Wayne has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to make this information available.

You won't be able to get your enrollment verification if there are any holds on you account. If you have questions about enrollment verifications, visit Student Central.

Note that enrollment verification isn't official until the beginning of the second week of the term, after the 100% refund period ends. Good student verifications will be available approximately three weeks after a term ends.

What does an enrollment verification include?

When a third party requires an enrollment verification, they usually just need confirmation of your current enrollment, your enrollment status, and your expected graduation date. Good student discounts through your insurance company are based on your grades and GPA. Other discounts may be based on conferral of your degree. You’ll have the option to request any available information you want to provide to the third party.

Enrollment for veterans

To receive veteran benefits services, undergraduate veterans must be enrolled in the following number of credit hours.

  • Fall/spring: 12 hours
  • First/second summer: 4 hours each

Undergraduate students receiving US Department of Veterans Affairs educational benefits, except for the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, have additional certification levels of one-quarter time, less than half time, half time, or three-quarter time, which are determined by actual days of instruction.

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